Monday, September 17, 2012

alien menagerie extract #26

acrylic on Arches 300 watercolor paper 8" x 10"

Initially these 'extracts' were meant to give me a chance to paint some of my aliens without the full commitment (and time) that the oil pieces take, and painting these has really become an immensely fun project all of it's own. I completed the twenty-fifth extract back in June.

Uchujin x.26 feels like the start of chapter two in this series of paintings.

I'm using Arches 300 cold press watercolor paper now. As I was painting, I went through a bit of a panic and started another version on Rives BFK, but realized it was unnecessary. Much as I like the softness of Rives, switching to a tougher watercolor paper has definite advantages.

onward to x.50!

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