Monday, February 25, 2013

Tomorrow and Beyond

I'd like to make more frequent posts about influences and inspirations, and there's no better place to start than with the art book "Tomorrow and Beyond".

I bought it when it was published in 1978. My copy is in well-loved condition, and it's a miracle the pages aren't falling out.

 I had a habit of trying to learn and identify any artists work if it appeared on a science fiction novel at the bookstore.This book was a fair representation of illustrators working in the field at the time. It was divided into thematic sections such as Aliens, Astronauts, Symbolism, and Robots.

There were mainstream illustrators:  Brad Holland, Murray Tinkleman, and Wilson McClean, veterans of the genre Richard Powers, John Schoenherr and Paul Lehr and recent arrivals Michael Whelan, Don Maitz and Wayne Barlowe!

I feel it's inadequate though to mention just a few of the names, when I can post an image of the back of the book with all the artists listed.

I didn't just pour over the book, amazed by the work within it.I made a stop motion animation filming the individual illustrations, timed to the Alan Parson's Project song "I, Robot" for a high school film class. 

It was at the core of my small, but ever growing collection of art books from the genre. It sat on my shelf with "Studio", "Flights of Icarus", and Starlog's "Space Art"  traveling with me to art school, always a handy reference.

The excitement I felt when I looked at all that work, depicting strange other worlds,  is the same feeling I'm hoping to capture when I'm working on a painting today. Here are a few shots from the book.