Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Just about everything I work on that is “alien menagerie” reveals it to be an art project in slow motion. I’m fully aware of how many times I find myself writing in this blog about how this something-or-other was started “X” years ago. In 1995 I made a Holiday card featuring a whimsical green alien in a Santa hat.

I thought it could be the beginning of a theme - “Santas From Another Planet”. I’ve made a couple related cards in the years past, but the “Santas From Another Planet” theme just didn’t crystalize until this year. So here, 19 years later, is my Holiday card with a Collector Card attached to the front: “Santas From Another Planet #1” 

acrylic on Fabriano 300 watercolor paper

My New Years resolution will be to make a “Santa From Another Planet” collector card #2

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!