Sunday, August 2, 2015

x.39 Optikus

acrylic on Fabriano 300 watercolor paper 8" x 10"

Back in art school, I used to twist every assignment into something science fictional with the aim of building a portfolio to get work as a book jacket illustrator. Now I have an even more specific instinct to see how any theme for a show can lead to an alien menagerie piece. In 2012 the Society of Illustrators Member show called for illustrators to create art that illustrates one of the traditional five methods of perception. I didn’t submit anything, but I did put down some ideas and held onto them. Recently I’ve taken those and made X.39, who I’m calling “Optikus”.

I took the name from a song by the band KTU, just because I liked the sound of it. It turns out that “optikus” is “optician” in Hungarian.